Books I have read and would recommend

I am enough by Marissa Peer


I have read this book a few times, and I am a huge fan of her work, and also recommend her YouTube videos for an instant pick me up. This book explores how you see yourself, it leaves you questioning a lot about your self-concept and a real feeling of wanting to change and explore more. There are some additional resources with the book, however if you are like me and neglect the self-care part and daily practice, the momentum you build by reading the book fades, so try and practice the tasks daily to really get the full benefits. Its also a book you can dip back into at any time as its not ridiculously long and straight to the point.

The secret by Rhonda Byrne


This is one of my obsessions at the moment, exploring the law of attraction. This book is just fantastic, I am and always have been such a negative thinker, always expecting the worst in everything, but this book has really made me question that, and what this way of thinking has done for me and my life so far. Spoiler - very little, in fact nothing. The practices in this book are something that I am doing each day. I am also going to get the other editions, so I shall review those for you.

Women and girls with ASD by Sarah Hendrix

Autism spectrum disorder

This is a really good read about females young and older who are on the spectrum. It covers more or less every aspect of life from school, puberty, friends and communication to name but a few. It gave me clarity and understanding just after I got diagnosed regarding my childhood, and also some insight as to my behaviors as an adult.

Irene Lyon SBSM


I started Irene Lyon's smart body smart mind (SBSM) course back in March. This amazing lady and her team are nervous system experts, she has her own website that has both free and payable recourses, but if you wanted to get a feel for her work, look her up on You Tube. I have only got through half of her course so far that I purchased in March (it has so much content, education and exercises) and the experiences I had doing the exercises were crazy and overwhelming (in such a good way). Her team are amazing and were so helpful with the course and any questions I had. If your like me who has a keen interest and fascination with how the body and brain work, and more importantly respond to things like trauma, stress and disorders, her work is fascinating and mindblowing.